Delia Mullan – living to over 100 years of age

Dorothy Agnes Mullan, known as “Delia”, left County Tyrone in Ireland aged 16 after her family accepted a marriage proposal from an American businessman Edward Shortt. His father had left Omagh in the mid-nineteenth century, most likely escaping the dire economic conditions in the wake of the Irish Famine.

The couple lived in Connecticut and over time she became to all appearances an American housewife who was never in formal employment. After turning 100, she was interviewed by the press in Arizona where she lived in a retirement home. Delia said her fondest memories were of Tyrone and her time at school. So even though her Irish identity seemed to have evaporated, it was still there under the surface.

Edward was in touch with his niece Norma who was the daughter of his wife’s sister Catherine Mullan. She was married to Hugh McEnhill. Norma went on to marry into the McMahon family (Felix McMahon).

Edward and Delia Shortt (Mullan) – left and right in the back row.

Edward F Shortt, Grace Madeleine Shortt Braca, Delia Shortt, Front - Ed Braca, Mary Ann Braca Keegan copy

The American dynasty they helped create.

Screen Shot 2018-06-11 at 23.02.41

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