Michael, Ian and Terri McEnhill

This blog shows how the McMahon family is connected to many of the great Tyrone families such as the McGales, McEnhills, Mullans, McAleers and so on. Here are three McEnhill cousins of mine and let me explain how we are related.

  • Norma Celestine McEnhill (born 1909) married Felix McMahon
  • Norma’s father is Hugh McEnhill (born 1877) who married Catherine Mullan
  • Hugh’s oldest brother John Joseph (born 1860) got a dispensation from the church to marry his cousin Sarah Ann McEnhill
  • Their fifth child was another Hugh McEnhill (born 1905) who married Mary Ann McGinley
  • Their children were Ian, Terri and Michael, pictured here
  • Hugh had another child, Bernard, born out of wedlock with Mary Ann’s sister Susan Agnes

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