Cyprian Bradley – Benedictine abbot in America

Cyprian Bradley was born, the son of Ms. Bradley and Mr. Bradley. He died in 1959. He was related to the McMahon family through his grandfather Charles Andrew Bradley who married Anne McMahon, a couple who began life in Ireland then moved to Dunfermline, Scotland and whose descendants emigrated to the United States.

Cyprian was an abbot at the Benedictine College in Pueblo, Colorado and there is a letter from him written to his aunt, Sister Pantaleon (Margaret Bradley), on 19 April, 1916.

Trained at St Vincent’s seminary in Pennsylvania and ordained the first abbot of Holy Cross Abbey, Fremont County, Colorado on 1 July, 1911. The building of this abbey angered the local Ku Klux Klan who wanted a Protestant ascendancy and disliked the influx of European immigrants into the area, mainly in the mining industry.

The abbey had 90 monks at its height. But it ran into financial difficulties in the Depression of the 1930s and Cyprian was replaced as abbot in 1937. On Amazon, there is still a history of the diocese of Boise listed for sale and authored by him. He is buried at Fremont.

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