Hugh McEnhill (1911-1964) during battle with cancer

Hugh McEnhill sitting with his sister Norma during his battle with cancer. He died aged 53. Hugh and his brother Peter passed away quite young by our standards today. Peter died in his mid-40s, also from cancer.

My guess is that this is Norma’s house in Bray, where she lived with her husband, Felix McMahon. He would die two years later – also quite young in his 50s. And then she would move to the UK to live with her son Peter McMahon and his family.

It must have been very sad for Norma – who was my grandmother – to lose both her brothers. She lived on until 1975 succumbing to a heart attack in her mid-60s. This might give the impression that everybody dies a bit before their time in that part of the family but Norma’s aunt Delia Mullan – sister of her mother – lasted till over 100!


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