Sister Pantaleon mailing peach stones

Margaret Bradley (1840-1928) was the daughter of Charles Bradley (1818-1872) who met his wife Anne McMahon when he went to work on the Dungannon to Cookstown railway in the mid-nineteenth century.  Margaret’s parents ended up in Dunfermline in Scotland but she ended up in an American convent as Sister Pantaleon.

Her first cousins – Margaret and Mary McMahon – were also nuns and they corresponded. Mary was Sister Jessie and based in Okalhoma. Margaret was Sister Alice and based in Belgium. We still have a ticket from a package sent by Sister Pantaleon to her family in Ireland – mailing peach stones in the hope they would grow over there.

Sister Pantaleon’s nephew Cyprian became a Benedictine abbot in Colorado.


Screen Shot 2017-04-17 at 18.39.33.png

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